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Do you have a labor dispute?

In the event of a labor dispute, there can be disagreement about the job description, a change in position, etc. Emotions often run high and both the employer and employee can no longer see the forest for the trees. Advocaten is happy to help you find the right solution. The first interview at Advocaten is always free. You can make an appointment for an intake without obligation.

End of employment
Will your contract end soon?

If your contract ends soon, you may be entitled to a cancellation fee and / or a transition fee. Your employer must indicate at the latest one month in advance whether your contract will be extended. If your employer does not do this, you are entitled to a severance payment to a maximum of one monthly salary. Your employer must also take the notice period into account.

advocaten can make sure that you get everything you are entitled to when your employment ends.

Settlement agreement
The content of a settlement agreement

An employer and employee can decide to terminate an employment contract with mutual consent. This is done in a so-called settlement agreement.

If you come to advocaten as an employee, we will ensure that your entitlement to unemployment benefit is guaranteed. We also check whether the correct notice periods have been applied and everything around your pension has been handled correctly. Furthermore, we will also investigate whether you can be held liable after the end of the employment contract as a result of contractual stipulations, such as a study costs clause, relationship clause or a competition clause. We try to exclude what is disadvantageous for you as much as possible.

If you come to advocaten as an employer, we will ensure that the termination of the employment contract proceeds as smoothly as possible and that your business interests are optimally represented.

Immediate dismissal
Dismissal with major consequences

Immediate dismissal is a far-reaching tool that can have major consequences for both an employer and an employee.

If you are an employee, then a summary dismissal means that you are not entitled to unemployment benefits and that even social assistance benefits might be curtailed. If you come to us, we will always fight the immediate dismissal for you. Because even if the judge thinks that the immediate dismissal was justified, you are sometimes still entitled to a transition payment or an equitable remuneration. Beware: you must file legal proceedings within the first two (2) months after the immediate dismissal. Therefore, quickly make an appointment for a free intake.

For an employer too, immediate dismissal can entail high costs, especially if the dismissal did not adhere to all the rules. advocaten ensures that an instant dismissal procedure goes as smooth as possible.

Pay too late
Did you receive your wages too late?

Is your salary not paid on time, or did you not receive any salary at all? Employers often do not realize that you have to pay your fixed costs, because otherwise you will be unnecessarily hunted for costs. advocaten helps you get your salary as well as the increase you are legally entitled to because your employer did not pay on time. This increase can amount to 50% of the wage due.

advocaten can file a wage claim for you. Make an appointment for a free intake.

Too little pay
Did you receive too little salary?

Sometimes during or at the end of an employment, employers do not (fully) pay out the vacation pay, wages and / or holidays. Did you know that you should also receive holiday pay for sick days and unused vacation days? Here too you are legally entitled to an increase because your employer did not pay everything on time. This increase can amount to 50% of the wage due.

advocaten can file a wage claim for you. Make an appointment for a free intake.

Leave and holiday pay
Is your leave or holiday allowance incorrect?

You are entitled to a minimum of four (4) times the number of hours that you worked on average per week, even if you have a min-max contract or a zero-hour contract. Even if you are sick, you build up vacation days and vacation pay. Your employer may not offset your vacation days against your sick days.

You receive 8% holiday allowance on your gross salary. At the end of your employment, you will also receive holiday pay for the leave days that you have not taken.

Do you believe that your leave days and / or vacation pay is incorrect? Then you can make an appointment with Advocaten to have it checked. The intake is free and there are no obligations.

Illness and reintegration
Never less than the minimum wage during illness

Being sick is no fun for anyone, but as an employee you are protected by law. For example, you cannot be dismissed during illness. You are also entitled to continued payment of 70% of your last-earned wage, but that may not be less than the minimum wage. You also have obligations. For example, you must try to recover and in the event of long-term illness you must cooperate in reintegration.


If you and your employer disagree about your illness or reintegration process, this can lead to a labor dispute. In that case, Advocaten can assist you and help you find a suitable solution.

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