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advocaten works with you and comes up with practical solutions to your problem.

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No expensive lawyers in suits, but understandable language and ordinary people..

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Your problem deserves our care

Everyone has the right to high quality legal assistance. Rich or poor makes no difference to advocaten.

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Transparency · Trust · Understanding

advocaten works on a basis of High Trust together with Legal Aid Council.


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Our services
The sectors of the law that we cover

advocaten is specialized in various law sectors

Problems with your employer

Do you have a dispute over holidays? is your illness being disputed? You did not receive your full pay? Have you been dismissed? For any such problems, please contact us.

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Problems with the municipality

Is your welfare application rejected? Are your benefits being deducted? Has your benefits payment been stopped? We will be pleased to help you..

Compulsive care

If you are admitted against your will and treated in a psychiatric hospital advocaten will protect your rights.

Family law
Family problems

For all the problems surrounding divorce, (partner) alimony and handling please contact us..

Juvenile (criminal) law
Problems with youths

Is your child placed under surveillance? Is your child placed in care? Is your child in trouble with the law? We are always ready to help you!.

Problems with your landlord

Your landlord is threatening eviction because of rent arrears or nuisance? We are always ready to help you!

State pension

Having problems with your state pension or your AIO supplement? We will initiate an objection or an appeal.

Unemployment and illness

Having problems with your unemployment benefits or your sickness benefit? We will initiate an objection or an appeal.

Law for personal debt management

Has your application for admission to the WSNP been rejected? Please contact us soon! You only have eight days to appeal.

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Our lawyers speak only English or Dutch. Even if you speak neither, you are still welcome, but please bring someone along who can translate for you. This is only required for the intake. For subsequent talks, we can arrange an interpreter for you free of charge.

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